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Building an Ember App with PERL MVC framework - Part 1

This blog will help you in building and structuring an application with ember as front-end using ember-cli and integrate ember application with Catalyst MVC framework as its backend.

I am replicating this blog with the series created by DockYard for building ember application with Ruby as backend. Since I am huge fan of PERL I have setup up same ember fornt-end with Catalyst as its backend.

##Dev tools reqired for this setup

  • PERL
  • Catalyst
  • Node 0.10.26
  • npm 1.4.7

For setting up PERL and catalyst you can refer here

Next we will install ember-cli

  	npm install -g ember-cli

Confirm that you have ember-cli installed:

	ember --version

You should see:

version: 0.0.27

or a greated version

Setting up our project

For this project we will keep our catalyst and ember front-end in seperate directories inside top-level directory.

Create a new top-level directory

mkdir emberspeakers
cd emberspeakers

Now create catalyst project EmberSpeakers
perl script/ View JSON JSON
mv EmberSpeakers catalyst

First create catalyst project named “emberspeakers” and create a View with JSON type.

Let’s confirm that our catalyst server runs

perl script/

In your browser visit http://localhost:3000 and you should see “EmberSpeakers on Catalyst 5.90053”

Now the ember project

ember new emberspeakers
mv emberspeakers ember

Now you should have a structure like this

|- ember
|- catalyst

Let’s confirm that our ember app runs:

cd ember
ember server

In your browser visit http://localhost:4200 and you should see “Welcome to Ember.js”

At this point you can put everything in your top level directory under version control:

git init
git add .
gc -m "Initial commit"
git remote add origin

Here we end Part 1. In Part 2 we will focus on Ember and creating some functionality in our app.

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