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Building an Ember App with PERL MVC framework - Part 2

In this part let us build some tests for Ember App

Now start your server:

cd ember
ember server

Open your browser and go to: http://localhost:4200/tests

You should see something like the following:

This is a typical Qunit test suite with some JSHint tests already in our app. What you’ll notice in the lower right-hand corner is a blank white box. This box is where our integration tests will execute. This is an IFRAME so we can see our applications interacted with in real-time (albeit very fast real-time).

Let’s build out a landing page for our app. We will TDD this entire application over this multi-part series. Create a new directory and file


All of our files will be in ES6 module format. If you are unfamiliar with ES6 modules I suggest you go and read up.

import startApp from 'emberspeakers/tests/helpers/start-app';

var App;

module('Integration - Landing Page', {
  setup: function() {
    App = startApp();
  teardown: function() {, 'destroy');

test('Should welcome me to Ember Speakers', function() {
  visit('/').then(function() {
    equal(find('h2#title').text(), 'Welcome to Ember Speakers');

Once you save this file go back to your browser. You should not need to reload anything, ember-cli has a live reload feature on file change.

Now you should see your failing test:

Let’s make the test pass:

In ember/app/templates/application.hbs

<h2 id="title">Welcome to Ember Speakers</h2>

{{ outlet }}

Check your test suite and it should be all green.

Here we completed our first Ember test!

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